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Revolutionising Arthritis treatment with a Holistic Approach

At Neeraj Clinic, we use a comprehensive approach to treat Arthritis that include Ayurvedic Supplements, Dietary Changes, and Therapies. We also offer Panchakarma treatment for Arthritis. Our Panchakarma program includes the following: Herbal oil massages, Gentle laxatives (senna), Nasal administration, Steam baths, Specialized diet, Cleansing enemas.

The entire program uses your body’s detoxification channels to heal you and facilitate deep-rooted stress release that may have held for years. It produces a long lasting and powerful effect on the body.

Neeraj Clinic is also providing free camps for free check-ups and free medicines to less fortunate individuals who are unable to afford treatments due to exorbitant prices.

The most common form of Arthritis is Osteoarthritis that affects around 15 million adults annually, with prevalence range in between 22% to 39% in India. If you are facing joint pains, stiffness or facing difficulty in walking due to pain, get in touch with us!